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Handan Yongnian Yizhao Fastener Co. LTDis a scientific and technological innovative enterprise specializing in the production and research and development of building parts.
Our philosophy is to "do exquisite building accessories, create a
real brand enterprise."The main products are aluminum mold auxiliary materials, PC auxiliary materials, template accessories, pins, pin pieces, single support,oblique support, through the wall screw, positive and negative buckle screw, as well as various accessories, adjustable base, top support and other construction accessories.
Company adhering to the principle of people-oriented, since its inception has been insisting on doing a good job in product quality products, strict control, excellence.Not price oriented, only quality oriented.
By virtue of our excellent technical team and advanced production equipment, we constantly explore and innovate, increase new varieties, expand reproduction, and unswervingly do good products of high quality, with high quality, high efficiency return society, to customers with the greatest satisfaction.
The general manager of the company invites friends from all walks of life to visit guidance, business negotiations. Welcome new and old customers to customize new Unique products with drawings and samples, and jointly contribute to the high efficiency and energy saving of building accessories products.

Assembled threaded sleeves
Aluminum formwork accessories, steel formwork accessories, plastic formwork accessories, construction hardware, steel props, diagonal braces, galvanized hollow rivets, galvanized solid rivets, galvanized tie plates, pull plates, square ceiling clips, small diagonal braces, bolts, nuts, connectors, T-bolts and nuts, tie rods, mountain-shaped nuts, round nuts, matched square pads, bases, top supports of all sizes are available, all made of high-quality steel. Customization is available according to customer-provided drawings or samples.
Welcome bosses to come and buy.
Embedded parts
PC assembly embedded sleeves, threaded steel sleeves, embedded parts, staircase embedded parts, flat welding sleeves, full range of serpentine embedded parts specifications. Custom products are available according to customer-provided drawings or samples. All are made of high-quality steel and surface-treated with galvanization. Full range of anchoring plates, suspension bolts, and hangers are also available. Welcome bosses to come and buy.
Steel Prop
Steel props, with adjustable range by using the inner and outer tube telescoping design, convenient to use. The welding is full and firm, and the adjustment nut is made by casting process. The surface of steel props can be treated with electrostatic spraying, galvanization, or hot-dip galvanizing, and various specifications are available for production. Customization is available based on customer-provided drawings or samples.
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